The Sheila Perez Method™

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These are typical results in just one session of the Sheila Perez Method™.

***Results will vary with each individual****

If you're looking for a complete body transformation that is non-evasive. THIS IS IT!

The before and after pics do not lie, the results are immediate in the first session. And they only get better with the right follow up care and maintenance. We will talk a lot about the lymph system here. And although, we will work with the lymph system, this is NOT A  LYMPHATIC  DRAINAGE MASSAGE. This is BETTER!!!!

Lymphatic drainage massage cannot, and does not, achieve these results!!!  This is a revolutionary technique that has taken the standards much further.

These benefits are not just superficial either. You not only look great, but you feel great too.  This technique eliminates toxins, waste, excess fluid retention, and reduces inflammation. As well as target cellulite reduction and deep fat storage.

This is a combination of several techniques that have never been put together before into one treatment. If you are looking to sculpt your abs, define the area around your hips and ribs, define the thighs and contour and sculpt to the unique shape of your own body then this is exactly what you want!



This technique is designed to break up cellulite, reduce, and eventually (with proper follow up care) eliminate cellulite. It is also able to target those fat cells that are stored deep and tight that are impossible to burn off with exercise and diet. These stubborn fat cells are usually the reason people seek out liposuction. When the body doesn't respond with proper diet and exercise, people turn to invasive treatments. The Sheila Perez Method can help to loosen up these areas'  and assist you in achieving your weight loss and health goals.


I can't stress enough how important it is to get the proper massage after liposuction to assist in the reduction of fluid retention and to prevent fibrosis from setting in.  Fibrosis is one of the risks taken after a liposuction procedure when the proper follow up care is disregarded. The Sheila Perez Method™ is perfect for post liposuction patients. It will assist in reducing swelling and inflammation, reduction in bruising, and assists you in achieving the perfect shape for your body.  


This is not just for models, competing bodybuilders, or "the stars". Although, they have certainly utilized the Sheila Perez Method™.

Check out some of the stars that seek out the Sheila Perez Method™. Some of them very regularly.

Elle Macpherson         Cindy Crawford

Sharon Stone                Jennifer Lopez

Phil Colins                      Lenny Cravitz

Kylie Jenner                   Kaia Gerber 

Leslie-Ann Brandt          Nancy McCartney 

Anyone looking to jumpstart their health and weight loss journey, or people who have already began. This is a no brainer....What it won't do IS DO THE WORK FOR YOU.  This is not a fix all, you have to be willing to put the work in on yourself. A proper diet and exercise routine is what's going to work best with this. The results only last and get better if you do the work. This is a TOOL, not a CURE.

How and why does this work? These techniques work with the lymphatic system, circulatory system, myofascia of the body, the immune system, and incorporates several different types of massage. All in one session!

About the lymph system....

The lymph system is part of your body's immune system and helps fight infection. Lymph itself is a clear, slightly yellow fluid. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, collecting toxins on the way and flushing them out through the lymph nodes. You have around twice as many lymph vessels as blood vessels in your body. However, unlike blood, which is pumped around by your heart, the lymph system has no pump. The pressure from your blood vessels and movement from your muscles push the lymphatic fluid around.


Benefits of  lymphatic drainage massage


👉 Lymphatic drainage massage can have a beneficial effect on your general health. Because lymph is key to            keeping your immune system working properly, improving the flow and drainage of lymph around the              body is good for you in lots of ways.

    👉 Reduce the chance of you suffering from minor colds and viruses; it helps your body fight off infection,               and speeds up healing and recovery from illness.

    👉 Help reduce water retention; for instance, because the lymph system has no pump, if you sit for a long               time without moving, the lymph can't flow easily — this is why you may experience swollen feet or                     fingers.

    👉 Boost weight loss, as improving the lymphatic system will improve your metabolic rate, which helps                   you burn calories more efficiently.

Lymphatic drainage massage can improve your skin texture by:


    👉 Reducing swelling, puffiness and blotches. Giving you cleaner, healthy pores.

    👉 Speed up healing in scar tissue so it may, for example, improve the appearance of stretch marks.

    👉 Assist in the reduction of cellulite; the massage increases blood flow and circulation to the affected                     areas, which helps the body break down the toxins which cause dimply skin.


          🙏 Purchase Arnica Montana for internal and external use. This will assist you in healing after your                         session. Slight bruising may occur, especially the first session

          🙏 Do not eat anything 2 hr's prior to your appt. 

                 Massage techniques will be applied to the abdomen.

          🙏 Skin exfoliation would be helpful in the days prior to your appt.

          🙏 Do not wear any jewelry during your appt.

Single Session $350

4 Sessions $1200

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