Our massages are custom to your needs every time. A Zen time relaxation massage is perfect to destress, a deep tissue or neuromuscular massage is best for chronic conditions and tighter muscles. Our combo massage is a perfect blend of the two if you just have one area (like the back) that needs a little extra attention. Only have 30 minutes? Maybe our Head, Neck, Shoulders & Face Massage is just enough to take the edge off. And for those expecting mother's who really definitely need it, check out our Prenatal Massage


As a psychic medium I also offer psychic tarot readings. These kinds of Tarot readings help us to understand our past, our present, and see our possibilities to come. Giving us the opportunity to make changes in certain areas if fate will allow. We can make huge shifts in our lives with the right reading!

Psychic Mediumship Readings are tremendously healing. Allowing our loves ones that are no longer with us to communicate with us here and now. Hearing what they have to say, one more time. Tarot cards are not typically used for these types of readings. However, if messages come through during a tarot reading, I always pass them along.

Tarot Card Readings Argyle Forest FL

Yoga is a great way to find peace, get realigned with your body and mind, and create a personal practice a holding space for yourself.

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  • Increased flexibility and muscle strength

  • Better heart health

  • Reduced risk of accidental injury

  • Better body image and self-esteem

  • Easier weight control


Reiki is a Japanese technique of energy work with hands off or hands on.  A life force energy that is guided by a higher power, through the practitioner, for the greatest benefit to the client.

Reiki heals physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Typically, the hands are placed on the body in placements and patterns for the transfer of energy, to promote relaxation, stress relief, and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. It is a very spiritual healing practice that comes from “a higher power”.  It feels AMAZING!


I have the unique gift of listening to people and recognizing their blocks, their fears, and what is holding them back from completing goals or initiating the changes necessary for a transformation in life.


I work with people who are tired of being stuck in life, a career, or situations that they can't seem to break away from. 

If you are looking for someone who can recognize your blocks, your self sabotage, call bluff on your fears, then you need a coach!

We work together to retrain the way you think and perceive reality. Learn to drop belief systems that keep you in fear and from moving forward. Learn to create consciously, instead of unconsciously. Start tapping into the best version of yourself!


We focus on Meditation, Intuition, Mindset, and Manifestation.

As a psychic medium & intuitive, I also have the ability to help people build their psychic gifts as well. Spiritual Coaching can be personalized to include building these attributes if you so desire. 

Mindset Coaching Argyle Forest FL